NAHU Fast Facts

Posted: May 2, 2018

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  2. NAHU submitted comments on the proposed expansion of short-term plans, recommending that plans clearly describe their limitations, deference be given to state regulators, and the maximum duration be limited to six months with one renewal.
  3. The IRS announced that family high deductible health plans with a health savings account may treat $6,900 as the maximum contribution, overriding the $6,850 maximum that was established last year under the tax reform act.
  4. NAHU successfully advocated against an amendment to opioid response legislation that would have enforced employer penalties for inadequate mental health networks that may have resulted in fewer voluntary offerings of mental healthcare resources.
  5. The IRS issued guidance today that allows small employers to take advantage of the small business health care tax credit for 2017 and beyond, if there are no SHOP plans available in the county and if the employer's plan meets requirements for the tax credit in place prior to 2014.